5/17 Censorship

Audio Transcript

I’m Dr. Peter Theron.
I’m running for Congress to correct the course of our country.

In April the current administration created the Disinformation Governance Board.
Two facts reveal this board’s true purpose.
First, that there is no such thing as disinformation. There is only information
and it’s either true or false.
Second, the board’s chosen head promoted the false Steele dossier and denigrated the  true Hunter-Biden laptop story.
So, by its name and by its staffing,
this board is designed to suppress facts
this administration finds inconvenient.

That makes my messages even more important.
As a federal candidate, I can broadcast facts uncensored.
But to remain a candidate, I need one-thousand voter signatures now.
Please go to theronforcongress.com/nomination to pitch in.

I’m Peter Theron. Help me continue broadcasting facts.
Thank you.