4-5 Immigration Heritage

Audio Transcript

I’m Dr. Peter Theron.
I’m running for Congress to correct the course of our country.

My mother was a direct descendent of a marine who served under the Revolutionary War Naval Captain John Paul Jones. Through her, I know we are a nation forged by our fight for freedom.

My father was a legal immigrant from South Africa. Through him, I know that we are a nation of laws. The legal immigrant is in his heart an American before he arrives on our shores because he has followed the law to get here. This reverence for the law and pursuit of the American Dream renews America for all of us.

My heritage has formed my stance on immigration. We need legal immigrants and want them. We also need proper vetting; quarantines, if necessary; secure borders; and enforced laws.

I’m Peter Theron. Join me in solving problems together and civility will return.
Thank you!