2-15 Problems

Audio Transcript

I’m Dr. Peter Theron.
I’m running for Congress to correct the course of our country.

This election, more than any other in our history,
will determine if we survive as a republic.
We must work together to address the problems plaguing us, and find effective solutions.

We must end inflation by stopping reckless federal spending,
lower fuel costs by returning to energy independence,
close our borders to illegal immigration and illegal drugs,
end the censorship of information by government and Big Tech,
reclaim patient-centered medicine,
stand for freedom here at home and abroad,
and return to the time when we could disagree without being disagreeable.

These are but a few of America’s problems. I will be sharing some solutions in the weeks ahead.
I’m Peter Theron. Please work with me to elect a Congress made up of those who want to fix our Country, not tear it down. Thank You!