2-1 End the Mandates

Audio Transcript

I’m Dr. Peter Theron.
I’m running for Congress to correct the course of our country.

Around the world people are waking up from the China-flu nightmare.
They are realizing that mandates of
lockdowns, masking, and so-called vaccines
are worse than the disease.
Other governments are ending mandates,
putting warning labels on so-called vaccines,
and encouraging their citizens to resume their lives.
Our government should do the same.
End the mandates.
Stop retarding our children’s development with masks.
Admit so-called vaccines do not prevent infection.
End the suppression of proven therapeutics such as
hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
It should be easier to get legal ivermectin at a pharmacy than
to get illegal fentanyl on the street.

Stop the fearmongering.

I’m Peter Theron. Join me in solving problems together and civility will return.
Thank you!