1-27 Introduction

Audio Transcript:

I’m Dr. Peter Theron.
I’m running for Congress to correct the course of our country.

Like you, I am concerned about the future of America.
That is why I have run before
and am deeply grateful
tens of thousands of you have supported me.
I worry about policies that are severely damaging our country.

Bad economic policy causes inflation.
Unsound energy policy sacrifices our energy independence
and leads to high fuel prices.
Health-Care policy violates our privacy and restricts our medical freedom.
Questionable foreign policy destabilizes the world.
Social policy fosters social isolation and drug abuse.
These policies all lead to a very scary future.

My campaign will discuss not only what’s wrong,
but also develop plans so together
we can repair the damage.

I’m Peter Theron. Join me in solving problems together and civility will return.
Thank you!