Happy 400th anniversary, Pilgrims!

On Tuesday, 2020 December 29th President Trump recognized religious freedom in a proclamation commemorating the 850th anniversary of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket on 1170 December 29th.

As I noted in my 2020 December 29th post early dates are in the Julian calendar.

With the two historical anniversaries in December, let us convert those dates to the Gregorian Calendar. The Pilgrims’ landing is recorded as Julian December 19th and Becket’s death on Julian December 29th. December 19th is six days before Julian Christmas and December 29th is four days after Julian Christmas.

The Julian 2020 Christmas falls on Gregorian 2021 January 7th. So, Becket’s anniversary will be on 7+4 = 11 and the Pilgrims’ anniversary is on 7-6=1, today. Happy 400th anniversary, Pilgrims!

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