As we solve problems together,
civility will return.
Join me.

Candidate Statement

Audio Transcript:

I am Dr. Peter Theron.
I’m running to represent Wisconsin’s Second Congressional District to solve problems and restore civility.

People worry that impeachment,
other partisan politics, and name-calling
have frayed our civil society,
allowing our underlying problems to fester.
I believe, if we work together to solve real problems,
our country will begin to heal.

I live in Madison and
teach mathematics, and statistics.
I am married to a wonderful woman,
who luckily likes math too.

My BA in statistics comes from Princeton University
and my PhD in Mathematics from UW here in Madison.
And, I love Wisconsin!

In the last 4 years our economy has boomed
raising incomes
especially among our poorest.
In the world
Iran weakened,
ISIS defeated,
our military strong again,
and much more.
Our President was doing a great job.

Then in January there was panic. The initial predictions were dire.
A flu, new to America, had exploded from one case to thousands.
Critically ill people flooded our hospitals.
We went on red alert. We didn’t know what we didn’t know.

Flatten the curve. Slow the spread.
Build ventilators.
Make PPE.
Do more testing. Wear masks. Stay home. Lock down the economy.

Now, it’s been 7 months.
Hospitalizations are way down.
Drug treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine,
have been shown to be very effective.
Weekly death counts have dropped dramatically.
The emergency is over.

It is time for sensible policies for our economy, our schools, and our lives.

In addition to the public-health emergency,
we have had over 3 months of rioting
led by Democrat radicals who flood into our cities
at the slightest provocation.
In Kenosha, 102 of the 175 arrested were from out of town.

When confronted, Democrat mayors and governors blame the President’s harsh rhetoric.

But it was the Democrats who led disorderly demonstrations on Inauguration Day 2017,
who spent 3 years on partisan investigations leading to a failed impeachment,
who make up a new political crisis every week.

Democrats have superheated our politics since January 2017.
They only regret it now because Americans have turned against them.

September 1st President Trump visited Kenosha to view the destruction left by the riots and hear from local leaders.
One of those leaders was First Congressional District Representative, Bryan Steil.

When the rioting started in Kenosha,
Governor Evers showed no leadership,
chastised the police, and refused to call for federal aid.

Congressman Steil, on the other hand, denounced the violence,
called the White House, and connected local leaders with the President.
When the National Guard arrived, the riots, looting, and arson stopped.

When Madison endured riots, our Second District incumbent Congressman was silent.
No statement denouncing the violence. No action. No leadership.
We deserve better.

While our President has done a great job,
on Capitol Hill, Congress isn’t pulling its weight.
I want to change that.
I’m Dr. Peter Theron. Let’s restore America together and civility will return. Join me.