6-18 League of Women Voters


Taxpayer and conscientious voter
Former Convention Chair: Wiscon, the oldest feminist science fiction convention
Member: Republican Party of Dane County
Organizer: CIRCUS (Citizen Initiated Rail Corridor Use Study)
I am running for Congress to solve problems and restore civility.

What role does federal government play in addressing climate change?

Earlier this year public-health officials used the output of computer programs to drive the debate on Wuhan Flu. As time went on these programs reflected reality less and less. Eventually computer professionals were able to examine these programs and found many bugs.
Computer professionals have not been allowed to examine climate-change computer programs. Until they do, there is little reason to give the programs’ results much credence.

What is your position on requiring criminal background checks prior to all gun sales and instituting an extreme risk protection law, known as red flag legislation, which would allow families to petition a court to temporarily remove firearms from loved ones in imminent danger of hurting themselves or others?

Civilization is a thin skin on molten chaos. As the recent rioting in Madison demonstrated, civilization may tear quickly and not wait for bureaucracy to respond.
Too much of Madison and Dane County has become a “shots fired” gallery of armed gangs. So, whenever an American feels threatened or wishes to be prepared, she should be able to obtain a firearm. She should also be able to buy ammunition, get training, and access practice facilities.

What, if any, steps will you take to reform current immigration policies?

Illegal immigration is a portal for narcotics and criminals. Illegal aliens bring in diseases. They distort our economy. They overtax our health-care system and public services.
Americans want illegal immigration ended. We expect our government to finish our border walls and enforce our laws.