Peter Theron for Congress

Second Congressional District

Renew America Agenda

Fellow citizen, welcome to my website and thanks for taking the time to review my agenda prior to voting in this election.

If you find you like many of my ideas, if you are concerned about the direction of our nation, if you want an activist Member of Congress and if you want change, then I ask for you vote on Tuesday, November 8.

Energy Agenda

The road to energy independence; Drill in America, pipeline in America, refine in America, research energy options in America, and export to the world.

Government Policies Agenda

Get our budget and expectations back in shape. It's time we combat inflation by capping federal spending. Next, roll back federal regulations.

Military Agenda

We must rebuild our military, defeat terrorism, and foster democracy.

As every child in the schoolyard knows, strength does not provoke bullies, weakness does. No one hassles the captain of the football team.

Health Care Agenda

Renew America Health Care Coverage

Obamacare is an awful law, marketed with untruths, ruining our health-care. Only complete repeal will stop this bleeding.

Foreign Policy Agenda

Keeping Our Word To The World

We must restore our prestige by following through on our promises and warnings.

Economic Agenda

Unleashing the Economy: Tax Changes

Change our tax code to encourage businesses to invest profits here, and create jobs for Americans. Lower our corporate tax rate to the level of Canada's, so companies can create jobs for Americans.

Congressional Deadlock

First, let's find common ground on some issues. Using polls, citizen meetings, and lots of communication, we'll find ideas that have at least 70% support and champion them.

Immigration Agenda

We are a nation of immigrants. We need legal immigrants and they deserve a consistent, fair, and understandable immigration policy.

I hope you find things you like and other things that make you think about the national issues before us, and our future together. I hope I persuade you to support many of my views.

As a candidate for Congress I have two main responsibilities. First, I need to let you know how I feel about the national issues facing us. Second, I need to offer my ideas on how to solve our problems. In creating the Renew America Agenda, I have endeavored to inform you about my plans.

My agenda is of course a starting point. There are 434 other members of the House of Representatives and then 100 Senators that will have a say on what laws we adopt. No one makes laws alone, nor should they.

If you elect me, I will champion my ideas for you. I will be no wilting violet even though I will be a freshman Member of Congress. You will see me pushing and shoving to be heard, have your agenda considered, and get laws passed that reflect the compact we make together in this election.

My plan is to not just peddle my ideas, but to work directly with you. That includes a Jobs Congress in south-central Wisconsin, a regional Health Care Summit, and direct conversations with you during meetings I will schedule regularly in the District. We will work together.